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Shaped Magnets

Shaped Magnets are the premium option in promoting your business and making sure that your fridge magnets gets not only kept for years by customers, but are seen on a regular basis. Shaped fridge magnets are die cut and are available in any shape or size with no forme, die or setup fees. They are sometimes referred to in the magnet industry as die cut magnets or if they are specifically made to be used on the fridge, as die cut fridge magnets.

Shaped Fridge Magnets allow you to make your design even more eye-catching, resulting in even more impressions, conversions and sales for your business. The nicer design, the more you can make your customers rubber neck for your magnet and in turn your business. Turn heads and use your business’ attractive branding and you magnet’s design to get sales.

Shaped Magnets typically have a production time of 3 - 5 business days. There aren’t any clear standout most popular shapes overall because the possible number of orderable shapes are infinite, however within various industries and sectors, certain shapes tend to be ordered more often. Real estate agents for example often order House Shaped Fridge Magnets or Key Shaped Fridge Magnets as that is particularly relevant to their industry. Dentists tend to order Apple Shaped Fridge Magnets or Tooth Shaped Fridge Magnets while Electricians often get Light Bulb Shaped Fridge Magnets. Restaurant owners can get really creative and order their magnets in the shape of the signature meal such as a pizza, pizza slice, burger or kebab. The possibilities are endless.

There is also a range of vehicle shaped magnets for a variety of industries including moving and hire companies and tradespeople. This range includes van shaped magnets, car shaped magnets, truck shaped magnets and bus shaped magnets.

If you don’t see the shape you want in our list, don’t be shy! We have used some of the magnets we have made before to give you an idea of just a fraction of the possibilities. If you want a particular shape or size, let us know and we’ll get your custom shaped magnet done. And remember, no die, forme or setup costs so you can get different custom shaped magnets every single time if you order if you want to.

So get started! Check out our extensive list of shapes below or simply send us your artwork for a quote.

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