House Shaped Magnets by Mister Magnets

House Shaped Magnets

House Shaped Magnets are a large sub-category of the Mister Magnets® Shaped Fridge Magnets range. There are many different kinds of House Shaped Fridge Magnets, all available in a range of different sizes. If you don’t see the house shape or size you want to order, don’t worry - we can manufacture our fridge magnets in any shape at no additional cost so please make use of the service and get the exact shape you want.

House Shaped Fridge Magnets are great for highlighting businesses related to homes or houses and as such are a huge hit among real estate agents. They are also very popular amongst conveyancers, architects, residential construction companies, mortgage brokers, home loan specialists, property managers and body corporate management offices.

House Shaped Magnets can be used alongside other styles of fridge magnets. The most popular kind of House Shaped Magnet is a House Shaped Calendar Magnet which tend to be DL size (99mm x 210mm). They are also great for use as House Shaped Business Card Magnets, House Shaped Important Numbers Magnets or House Shaped Information Magnets, House Shaped Promotional Magnets and more. The possibilities are endless.

Make sure you stand out in your industry and get your House Shaped Magnets into the world, people’s homes and get advertising in the place that counts.

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