Branding Magnets

We can convert your corporate logo into a branding magnet in any size or shape you like. The following artworks are not available for sale, they are simply examples to showcase the product category. These artworks are all protected by copyright and any use or recreation without the owner's permission is strictly prohibited.

Branding Magnets turn your business’ logo or brand into a constant reminder for customers to buy your products or utilise your services next time they are required. The way they just use the logo cuts away the clutter of phone numbers and contact information and focuses solely on driving awareness and top of mind recall of your brand.

Magnetic Branding generally follows the shape of your logo, making it more attractive and easier to remember for customers, meaning they are more easily able to pick you out at a shopping center or when they see you online or out in public. They act as a first point of establishing a constant and long term relationship with a customer at a significantly cheaper price than TV advertising.

Because Branding Magnets tend to be kept for years and are seen every time somebody visits the fridge, they gather thousands of impressions resulting in a huge amount of brand awareness and increased levels of brand recognition.

Magnetic Branding can be ordered in any shape or size but there are three major types available for order. Generally it will be the shape of your logo which decides which type you end up getting. These are Straight Edged Branding Magnets, Rounded Corner Branding Magnets or Shaped Branding Magnets.

More often than not, Branding Magnets tend to be Shaped Branding Magnets, however if your logo happens to be square or rectangular or will look fine on its own on a background, you may be able to get Straight Edged Branding Magnets or Rounded Corner Branding Magnets. If you require your Branding Magnets fast or if you are on a tight budget, Straight Edged Branding Magnets are the best choice for you. Because Branding Magnets tend to be shaped, they can often be expensive to order due to the die setup fees that many competitors charge. Mister Magnets® do not charge any fees for set up so that you can get your die cut Branding Magnets in any shape that your business logo demands.

The Magnetic Branding you see on our website are examples of orders from some of our previous customers and are here for indicative purposes only. They are not available for ordering except by the owners of the respective artworks.

Branding Magnets could be your secret weapon in your next branding exercise and are perfect for boosting the results of your multi-pronged marketing campaign. Order yours and beat your competition today!

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