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Flyers / Mailer Cards

Flyers have been used for years to get information out about events, products, companies and more. By mailing information directly to potential clients, you give them an opportunity to find out about things they otherwise would not have thought to look for. This either makes them aware of something or prompts them to take action. This action could be to look up more information about your company, buy your product, sign up to a mailing list or place an order online.

Mister Magnets® makes printed flyers with the design of your choice on a variety of different sizes and paper and card stocks.

Because the flyers we make are most often used as mailer cards, we have found that the most common sizes are DL Size (99mm x 210mm), A5 Size (148mm x 210mm) or A6 Size (105mm x 148mm) but if you have your own custom dimensions, let us know and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Mister Magnets® offers flyers on a variety of stocks. The most popular stocks are:

  • 170gsm - This stock is a paper material with a slightly glossy appearance resembling the look and feel of magazine paper.
  • 250gsm - This stock is more like a card and is less flexible that the 170gsm, giving it a more substantial feeling so that it stands out from other mail.
  • 350gsm - This stock is quite thick for flyers. It feels like a business card and is great for showing off your premium brand or products.

Flyers can be printed both single or double sided depending on your preference. Double sided flyers printed on 350gsm stock also have the option of being laminated on one side, giving them a glossy, eye-catching appearance.

While flyers are great for advertising, their effectiveness can be improved drastically by having a magnetic tab attached to them, allowing them to hold themselves up on the fridge or by being used in conjunction with a tipped fridge magnet.

To enquire about printed promotional flyers for your business, contact Mister Magnets® today!

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