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Magnetic Signs

Signage magnets are the easy way to ensure you have vibrant and attractive signage that gets customers buying, without the expensive callouts and setup fees. With the ability to stick onto most metal surfaces, these magnets make for an excellent solution for business owners wanting a cost-effective and fast way to start advertising on their shopfront, market stall, metal A-frame or factory.

While Signage Magnets are strong and can hold up in even the most gnarly of weather conditions, they can be removed easily simply by peeling them off, making them great as a short term solution where you may be looking to trial out different branding, have rotating or changing specials or for advertising a pop-up shop.

With that being said however, Signage Magnets are printed using High Grade UV inks and are laminated with a protective matt finish, meaning they are able to survive rainy weather without running and can sit for ages in the sun without fading, making them suitable for a long term solution as well. We are so confident in our Signage magnets that we offer them with a 5-year No-Fade Guarantee.

Signage magnets are sturdier than non-magnetic printed products such as vinyls and papers and are great for adhering to A-Frame signs. This offers a better solution for businesses looking to update or change the content on their A-Frames often without having to have to get an entirely new a-frame printed or have to muck around unscrewing the holders to place a printed insert. They also look much more professional than A-Frame chalkboards, which tend to get dirty.

Mister Magnets® does offer Signage magnets with a dry erase finish on request. This allows you to update information on the magnetic sign using a dry erase whiteboard marker, making them perfect for scoreboards, menus, whiteboards and shelving labels. This option is not standard so if you would like to use dry erase finish on your signage magnets, please let us know when placing your order or requesting a quote.

Magnetic Signs tend to be quite large compared to the other magnets we manufacture. Standard sizes for magnetic signs include 600mm x 1000mm, 600mm x 2000mm and 600mm x 800mm, though we can do any other size provided both dimensions do not exceed 600mm.

Because our signage magnets are suitable for use on magnetic A-frames, sizes that suit the A-frames are also quite popular. These magnetic signs are usually 600mm x 450mm or 600mm x 900mm.

Magnetic signs can be cut in three different ways. They can be Straight Edged Signage Magnets, Rounded Corner Signage Magnets or Shaped Signage Magnets.

Straight Edged Signage Magnets tend to be the most popular and are almost always the choice for magnetic A-frame signs or for usage on shopfronts. These magnetic signs generally have the lowest prices and fastest turnaround times.

Rounded Corner Signage Magnets tend to be ordered for magnetic menu boards, magnetic whiteboards or for use as shopfront signage. They have rounded corners instead of square or pointy ones. These tend to be more effective for businesses revolving around children who want to slightly soften their appearance.

Shaped Signage Magnets are growing in popularity enough to warrant their own category. They excellent for branding a shopfront or market stall and look simply amazing. The are perfect for making your business stand out and, with an attractive design gets more foot traffic coming your way.

Get your Signage Magnets to ensure your business gets its message across to people walking by. Make sure they enter your shop, buy from your market stall and encourage walk-in enquiries at your firm today with signage magnets!


Shaped Sign Magnets are the magnetic signs that make your business stand out from the rest at the local market, shopping strip or fete. They feature a design and shape unique to your business or branding ensuring that no other brand can come close to your business’ attractive and professional appearance. This gets additional feet through the door and in turn, more purchases made.

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