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Slimline Magnets

Slimline Magnets allow you to covertly get a lot of advertising space on customers fridges without them even realising it. Because Slimline magnets are quite thin, they seem like they take up less space than they actually do, meaning you can put a large magnet on someone’s fridge without them thinking that it is oversized or too big.

Slimline Magnets, or Panoramic Magnets as they used to be called, are fridge magnets that have one very long or high dimension and then one very short dimension. This makes them great for fitting in a long message or lots of information in the form of a banner or letterhead, or for displaying information and your business or branding over a large space.

Slimline Magnets tend to have a decent sized area, but they are unique in the fact that they are unobtrusive, meaning that customers tend to keep them for a long period of time, particularly if they have an attractive design or are useful to customers.

Slimline Magnets are available in three different cut types, Straight Edged Slimline Magnets, Rounded Corner Slimline Magnets and Shaped Slimline Magnets.

Shaped Slimline Magnets, known in the industry as die cut Slimline Magnets are rare but as a result stand out, making them particularly effective if your artwork allows for it.

Rounded Corner Slimline Magnets are great for a professional and friendly appearance, giving a bit of extra appeal to them. Straight Edged Slimline Magnets are incredibly popular as a result of their quick turnaround times and low prices.

Slimline Magnets have a variety of uses and functions, and depending on their size can be tied in and used as a hybrid of other fridge magnet product categories such as Slimline Business Card Magnets, Slimline Information Magnets, Slimline Important Numbers Magnets, Slimline Branding Magnets or even Slimline Special Event Magnets. Slimline Souvenir Magnets are also quite popular for panoramic photos of serene and picturesque locations, though these type of Slimline Magnets tend to be referred to as Panoramic Magnets.

A particularly popular use for Slimline Magnets that is exclusive to the Slimline Magnets range is using them as Letterhead Magnets for sticking across the top of a piece of paper on the fridge.

Because of the usefulness and versatility of Slimline Magnets, they are a popular option for a variety of industries and business types to covertly market their business or brand, and because they tend to be kept for a long period of time, you get years of advertising from each and every one of them.

Make sure your business cuts through the advertising fat and stands out from the crowd with Slimline Magnets.

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