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Magnet Rolls

Mister Magnets® staff pride themselves on their ability to ensure you get high quality custom magnets, fast and at an affordable price. Sometimes though, you just want to do it yourself. For all you DIY savvy people out there, we get it. As such we also sell the tools necessary for you to produce your own custom magnets. The magnetic stock we sell is from our own inventory and is the very same high quality, commercial grade stuff we use for our own clients.

We have three major categories of magnetic materials. Magnetic Rolls, Magnetic Sheets and Magnetic Tabs.

Our magnetic rolls are 610mm wide, 30m long and are 0.8mm thick. They are typically used for outdoor use though they can of course be used indoors as well. They are the same sturdy, commercial grade material we use for our magnetic signs. They are a white gloss on one side.

At this point in time, due to the sheer amount of material we go through and the seasonal nature of fridge magnets, we are not able to offer our fridge magnet material for sale in rolls. This may change in the near future however as we optimise our production capabilities.

We have two kinds of Magnetic Sheets available. The first is an Oversized A3 sheet of our fridge magnet material. It is a 0.6mm thick commercial grade fridge magnet material suitable only for indoor use. The sheet is self adhesive on one side, so you can stick any paper or cardstock to it for a strong hold without the need of any additional glue.

The second kind of sheet we have available is a 600mm x 1m sheet of our magnetic sign material cut from one of our rolls as mentioned above.

Our Magnetic Tabs, sometimes referred to as patch magnets or magnetic patches are great for turning a regular printed flyer into a tabbed flyer. Each tab is 20mm high and 38mm wide and have a thickness of 0.8mm. If you want to manually stick your flyers they are good but can be a little bit time consuming, particularly if you are wanting to do a large quantity. If you need to turn your flyers into tabbed flyers fast, we would recommend you check out our tab attachment service instead.

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