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PLEASE NOTE: Our trade division is strictly available to eligible industries only, including: creative professionals / graphic designers, printers, print brokers, advertising agencies, promotional products companies, signwriters, fulfillment businesses and mail houses.


Mister Magnets® specialises in producing high quality magnets that are sure to please any client, whether they are an end user, distribution partner, commercial printer, marketing company or graphic designer.

In recent years, we have leveraged our experience and knowledge of the magnet manufacturing and delivery process as well as our extensive experience and knowledge of the promotional product industry in order to provide a trade service to suit the needs of resellers, trade printers and other eligible industries.

Some of the services we can provide as part of our trade division include, but are not limited to:

  1. - Plain Unbranded Packaging
    1. - We leave no trace that Mister Magnets® was ever involved in fulfilling a particular job, meaning your customer will always be your customer.

  2. - Drop Ship to Client
    1. - Shipping directly to your client means that your clients get their order faster, resulting in a better experience with your company, higher customer satisfaction, better reviews and more orders coming through your business.

  3. - Additional Packaging Options
    1. - We understand that sometimes you need your job packaged or supplied in a certain way to suit the needs of your own distribution methods or those of your distribution partners. Simply provide us with your specs and we will factor them into your jobs.

  4. - Sample Product
    1. - In addition to shipping to your client, we will send a finished magnet for each job to you for your records and for checking. That way you will always be fully aware of the quality of the work we do.

  5. - Free Sample Packs
    1. - We understand that the quality of product we provide on your behalf are a direct reflection of your brand, company or business. As such, we ensure that only the highest quality materials are used. Request a free trade sample pack and see for yourself.

  6. - Exclusive Trade Pricing
    1. - Industries that are eligible for our Trade Division will gain access to exclusive trade pricing in order to allow a little extra room for your margins or to provide your customers with even better value.

  7. - Free Membership
    1. - Industries that are eligible for our Trade Division get access for free. That's right. No subscription fees, joining fees or minimum order quotas.

Our Trade Division is available only to businesses that belong to particular industry categories. These businesses generally have significantly higher order rates and higher order quantities which is what allows us to provide these additional services.

Eligibility for our Trade Division is assessed individually on a case-by-case basis however businesses that are eligible generally fall under one or more of the following categories:

  1. Creative Professionals / Graphic Designers
  2. Printers
  3. Print Brokers
  4. Advertising / Marketing Agencies
  5. Promotional Products Companies
  6. Signwriters
  7. Fulfillment Industry / Mailhouses

To see if your business is eligible for our Trade Division, please fill out the above form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If eligible, we will send you a temporary password to log in. You will immediately be able to access our trade site, gain access to our trade pricing and start getting custom trade quotes.

So don't wait any longer. Apply for membership in our Trade Division today!

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