Notepad Holder Magnets by Mister Magnets

Notepad Holder Magnets

Notepad Holder Magnets for the fridge are excellent for providing additional reason to customers for looking at your magnet and absorbing your promotional message. They have a slot cut into them so that they are able to hold notepads up onto the fridge for writing on at their convenience.

They are sometimes referred to as Magnetic Notepad Holders and are quite versatile, being able to promote your message through the print on the magnet, whilst allowing customers the usefulness of a notepad that is ready at their convenience. Magnetic Notepad Holders are only available for order on their own. We do not supply the notepads. Printed notepads are available from various printing partners.

Magnetic Notepad Holders are great because even after a notepad is completely used up, the magnet can still be used to hold up other important documents onto the fridge and can continue to be used just like any other fridge magnet. This gives them a very long life and in turn years of advertising potential. Magnetic Notepad Holders are a great way of providing value to customers and while good as a promotional item, are sought after enough to be sold as their very own product.

Notepad Holder Magnets are die cut and can be manufactured in any shape or size without incurring any die, forme or job setup fees. Please note however, that in order for Mister Magnets® to supply a suitable notepad, the slit will have to be cut at the sizes we have recommended.

Magnetic Notepad Holders are a great way to promote your business over and extended period of time and are effective at ensuring your branding and business information is looked at often. Order yours from Mister Magnets®.

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