Magnet Sheets by Mister Magnets

Magnet Sheets

Magnetic sheets are really good if you want to make your own fridge magnets, magnetic labels, car door magnets or magnetic signage. Sheets of magnetic material can be used for a variety of other applications as well depending on what you have in mind.

All of our our magnetic sheets are made from a flexible magnetic rubber, but we actually have 2 kinds available depending on what you want to use them for.

The first is an Oversized A3 sheet of our fridge magnet material. It is a 0.6mm thick commercial grade fridge magnet material suitable only for indoor use. The sheet is self adhesive on one side, so you can stick any paper or cardstock to it for a strong hold without the need of any additional glue. These magnetic sheets come in boxes of 50 units, with a minimum order quantity of one box.

The second kind of sheet we have available is a 600mm x 1m sheet of our magnetic sign material cut from one of our rolls of outdoor magnetic stock. These are a strong, 0.8mm thick outdoor grade magnetic material, perfect for Magnetic Outdoor Signage or Car Door Magnets. These magnet sheets have a white gloss finish on one side. Our White gloss magnetic sheets for outdoor applications have a minimum order quantity of just five units and can be ordered by the meter from then on.

If you want to handle your own magnetic advertising or have some other need for magnetic sheets, order them from Mister Magnets® today!

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