Flyers have been used since the conception of the printing press to promote agendas, beliefs, business, products, trade and to simply get a message out to the masses. They are a proven way of getting information to a lot of people quickly. While they lack the long-lasting benefit of a fridge magnet, they have the benefit that they can be printed on both sides, meaning you can get more information across per unit.

Mister Magnets® offer a few different options when ordering mailer cards and flyers.

One is the thickness of the stock. Mister Magnets offers 170gsm, 250gsm and 350gsm. We also have the option to have one side laminated for the 350gsm stock for a glossy finish.

The second option is the number of sides printed. Simple, one or two - front or front and back.

There are a few different kinds of mailer cards available for order from Mister Magnets®.

The first is the flyer only. Typically these are one or two sided and printed on 170gsm stock, though you can get them in the other stocks. They are the cheapest option available and are usually dispatched within 18 hours. While they are cheap to order, they lack long-lasting impact and are usually thrown out within a few days of being received. If they are kept, they are often placed in a drawer or are held onto a fridge or filing cabinet with a fridge magnet, which can obscure the information on the flyer.

The second kind is a Tabbed Flyer, sometimes referred to as a Mailer Card with Magnetic Tab or patch magnet. These are typically 250gsm or more and tend to be one sided only, though they can be ordered as double sided as well. Magnetic Flyers are a great option for customers who have too much information to put on business card magnets but don’t have the budget for full back DL sized magnets. Magnetic Flyers have the added benefit over regular flyers that they do not require another magnet to hold them up, resulting in them being kept for longer and not having their information obscured by other fridge magnets. Flyers with magnets attached are not as useful as full back magnets however as they generally are made to hold themselves up and not anything else. These magnetic flyers are a good middle ground between regular flyers and full backed magnets.

The third kind is a Tipped Mailer Card. Essentially this is a mailer card with a full backed magnet soft glued onto it, so that customers can peel it off when they receive it and keep it. Flyers with magnets attached are perfect for conveying a lot of information to consumers and have the added benefit of ensuring they get a fridge magnet to keep and continue advertising in the long term. These mailer cards with magnets attached are the premium option for ensuring that your message gets across to consumers. They are used for many large scale marketing and mass mail campaigns and are extremely effective. Typically, they are printed on both sides and are 250gsm or more. Tipped Flyers can have Straight Edged, Rounded Corner or Shaped fridge magnets tipped onto them so no matter what your design is, we can handle it.

For advice on your next direct mail campaign, feel free to contact us and we can advise you on what the best path to take to get the results you are after.

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