Clip Magnets by Mister Magnets

Clip Magnets

Clip Magnets are an awesome way of showing off the strength of your business. Clip Magnets are handed to customers with a spring loaded clip attached so that they can hold up either more paper, or so that they can hold thicker objects such as pens onto the fridge or filing cabinet.

Clip Magnets are perfect for holding up documents with particularly important information on them because, unlike other magnets, they are simply clipped on and do not require the fridge magnet to be placed over the top of the document.

This makes them extremely valuable and useful to customers, meaning they are more likely to keep them for extended periods of time. They also will stand out in the mail as they are larger and more tangible than other magnets. The difference is accentuated even further when comparing Clip Magnets against other mail material such as flyers, envelopes, magazines and catalogues.

Clip Magnets can be ordered in any shape or size and tend to come with a small 18mm x 28mm tongue on them to place the spring loaded clip. The clips are supply only and do not come attached to the magnet itself, resulting in faster turnaround times and reduced shipping fees and fewer boxes to unpack and bin on your end.

Because Memo Clip Magnets are more valuable to customers, they appreciate receiving them and are reminded of your brand every time they hang something from the clip, view something hanging from the clip or even just use the fridge or filing cabinet where the Clip Magnet is placed. Because they are kept for years, this results in thousands of impressions from the one magnet, giving your business excellent exposure as well as additional leads and sales.

Portray your strong branding to your customers with some Mister Magnets® Clip Magnets. Order now.

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