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Whether it be on a shopfront, menu board, a-frame, car, truck or other vehicle, almost all business owners have somewhere that they can utilise to help advertise and promote themselves.

Magnetic signs are an awesome way of getting your message out there fast, cost effectively and without having to call someone out and set it up for you. Magnetic signage is strong, clinging to magnetic surfaces with ease.

Even so, they are easy to remove, meaning that if you want to cycle certain sales, retire an old custom magnetic sign or temporarily close down for the holidays, you can without the hassle.

All of our magnetic signs are made using a thick commercial grade outdoor material so that you know they will hold up when the time comes to use them. They are 0.8mm thick to ensure sturdiness and strength. Mister Magnets® magnetic signs are also all printed with special state of the art UV protected inks so that they do not fade, even if left outside in the sun. We are so confident in our custom magnetic signs ability to stand the test of time that we offer a 5-year no-fade guarantee on all of them. How’s that for a guarantee?

All of our magnetic signage comes with a free quick care guide to ensure you get the most out of them and can keep using them for promoting your business for years and years.

We also have a dry erase finish available for customers who need to write on their magnets or erase and update them regularly. These are great for use as magnetic whiteboards or magnetic scoreboards.

There are three main types of magnetic signs as defined by their cut types.

Straight Edged Magnetic Signs, sometimes known as square cut magnetic signs or square corner magnetic signs are our most popular type of magnetic sign. Their manufacturing process gives them the fastest turnaround times, usually produced in less than 36 hours. They also have the lowest prices compared to the other types of magnetic signs. This makes them great if you need your magnets fast or are on a budget.

Rounded Corner Magnetic Signs are beginning to grow in popularity and are ordered almost as frequently as the Straight Edged Magnetic Signs. They have the sharp, straight corners cut off them for easier removal and maintenance. Rounded Corner Magnetic Signs do take a little longer to produce and cost a little more than Straight Edged Magnetic Signs, however they are still usually produced in less than 48 hours. Perfect for customers who want easier maintenance of their magnetic signs.

Custom Shaped Magnetic Signs are the premium option and perfect for making your business, event space or market stall stand out way more than anyone else’s. They are laser cut into any shape you want, meaning you are able to incorporate the shape of your logo, brand, products or product range into the design, making them more eye-catching and attractive. Custom Shaped Magnetic Signs are the premium option when it comes to choosing the cut type for your magnets due to the added complexity of cutting them to shape, however the added benefits far outweigh the additional cost. Custom Shaped Magnetic Signs typically take between 3 and 5 business days to manufacture.

There are many different styles of magnetic signage and each style is typically used by different industries or professions to suit their needs.

The most popular style of magnetic sign is a Car Door Magnet. Car Door Magnets allow you to advertise your brand, business, products and services while you drive and are on the go. Sitting in traffic on the way to a job is no longer a negative with Car Door Magnets as you get more time to advertise. Simply by driving around your local area, you get heaps of impressions from potential clients. Car Door Magnets are particularly popular amongst tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, builders and pest controllers, who advertise on the side of their ute, van or truck. Even better is that it continues to advertise while they are on site and working, so there is never a second wasted when it comes to promotion. Other companies use Car Door Magnets to identify cars within their fleet of vehicles that perform their courier or delivery services. The three most popular sizes are 600mm x 400mm, 600mm x 300mm and 600mm x 200mm.

The most popular type of magnetic sign amongst the food industry is a magnetic menu board. These allow restaurants, food trucks and market stalls to get a professionally designed, sturdy, long-lasting and easy to remove menu for customers to view and order from. They are perfect for seasonal and rotating menus. Dry erase finish is very popular on these magnets as they allow the prices to be erased and updated as necessary.

A-Frame Magnetic Signs are extremely popular among professional firms who want to advertise outside their shop front, encouraging walk-ins and reminding customers to come in when their services are needed.

To order your magnetic sign simply browse through the categories below. Please feel free to ask us if you would like assistance from Mister Magnets®, the experts in magnetic advertising.

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