Photo Frame Magnets by Mister Magnets

Photo Frame Magnets

Photo Frame Magnets are part of the new product offering on the new Mister Magnets® website. We had previously been manufacturing these on special request only, but after identifying the overwhelming demand for them, ultimately decided that it was time to offer them to the public.

Magnetic Photo Frames allow customers to hang up precious memories and photos on their fridge without damaging the photo. Because your brand will always be on the frame, your business will be associated with the memory that is being held up, resulting in a positive image of your brand.

Imagine your most recent family vacation. You have a picture that shows everybody having fun and you want to remember that. A local real estate agent provided you with a picture frame magnet recently, so you use that to hold the photo up. It almost comes across as “Your Family Vacation, proudly supported by Your Local Real Estate Agent”. The best part? Customers subconsciously process this and will remember that you are there when needed, even if they don’t realise they are doing it at the time.

When ordering Magnetic Photo Frames you have to consider the overall size of the frame as well as the internal cut. The difference between the overall size of the Magnetic Photo Frame and the internal cut-size of the Magnetic Photo Frame will be the thickness of your custom Picture Frame Magnet.

Fridge Magnet Photo Frames have a variety of options available. You can order the photo frame magnet on its own or you can order the photo frame with a magnet inside it. The actual size and shape of the cut out fridge magnet is entirely up to you as we can do any shape you like, though we do have standard options available for purchase.

Magnetic Photo Frames tend to be overlooked by most buyers because they are can be a little pricier than other types of fridge magnets. The customers that do get them however, reap the benefits and gain a greater return on investment. Because the magnets are quite large, they take up a lot of fridge space, resulting in greater exposure for your business.

Photo Frame Magnets are also very useful to customers, attaching your brand to the events or memories that customers believe are the most important and want to view every single day.

Make sure you are framing your business in a positive light to your customers and order your Magnetic Photo Frames from Mister Magnets® today!

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