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Flyer + Magnetic Tab

Flyers with Magnetic Tabs Attached are a good middle ground when you are trying to balance budget with advertising duration. These Tabbed Flyers mean that your advertising material can hold itself up on a client's fridge so that they don't need to use a different company's fridge magnet or put it away somewhere else.

Flyers are great for conveying a large amount of information to clients because you can order larger sizes for a lower cost than full backed magnets. The issue is that they do not last a particularly long time, as they serve no purpose other than to advertise. 

By attaching a small patch magnet or magnetic tab to your flyers, you give them a clear use - to be put up on the fridge. This gives them much more exposure because they are seen by everyone in a household, unlike the common fate of untabbed flyers that find themselves tucked away in a drawer or worse, thrown in the bin. Because they avoid this fate, they stay advertising for longer, raising the overall effectiveness of your direct marketing campaign.

Tabbed flyers let you get a large advertising surface for a low price and because the magnetic tab attached to the flyer only takes up a small amount of space, you get the optional added benefit of getting your flyers printed double sided.

Flyers with Patch Magnets Attached can be ordered on a variety of stocks but two in particular are more popular than the others:

  • 250gsm - this card stock is the most popular stock because it feels more substantial than magazine paper and does not bend or fold as easily as thinner stocks.
  • 350gsm - this card stock has the feel of a business card and is great for clients wanting to order tabbed flyers with a more premium feel.

Flyers with Magnetic Tabs Attached printed on 350gsm stock also have the option of having one side finished with a gloss laminate so that the design stands out even more, drawing in more people to give the tabbed flyer a read.

These Tabbed Mailer Cards are commonly used for direct mail marketing. As a result, the most popular sizes for Mailer Cards with Magnetic Tabs Attached are:

  • DL Size (99mm x 210) - This is the size of a standard envelope, making them perfect for direct mail marketing
  • A5 Size (148mm x 210mm) - This is half the size of an A4 and is a good option if you need more space for your content than a DL Sized Tabbed Flyer allows.
  • A6 Size (105mm x 148mm) - Mailer Cards with Patch Magnets Attached that utilise this size, tend to be better for clients on a tight budget or who do not have a lot of content to convey. They are excellent when used in conjunction with some kind of offer that will be ongoing for a few months.

While you can purchase patch magnets separately to stick on flyers you have, by ordering the whole printed card with magnetic tab from us you can ensure that you get high quality print (no need to give your home printer a workout) and fast turnaround. Our tabbing machine ensures you can get thousands of tabbed flyers quickly, without having to manually stick each individual tab onto a flyer.

Also, we offer an attachment only service for clients who already have flyers and want to have them tabbed. Simply supply your flyers to us directly and we will put them through our tabbing machine (ask us for a list of suitable stocks).

If you want to add a bit of flair and versatility to your advertising flyers, order or request a quote on some tabbed flyers from us today!

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