Flyer + Fridge Magnet Attached by Mister Magnets

Flyer + Fridge Magnet Attached

Flyers with a Printed Fridge Magnet Attached are the best way to promote your business with print, particularly if you are doing a direct mail campaign. This product has both the benefits of flyers as well as fridge magnets, maximising your chances of a successful advertising campaign.

The flyer with the fridge magnet attached allows for a large print area which gives you the chance to convey heaps of information to your clients and prospects. The ability to have the flyer printed double sided means you can be as descriptive as you like in your messaging and can include as much or as little information as possible.

Typically, flyers are looked at as simple advertising material. They do not perform any use for clients on their own outside of advertising. This can be useful if you are using your flyers to advertise deal or offer that will end in the next week or month. If you want it to be kept longer, instead of being chucked out or put in a draw or that big pile of mail in the hallway, something else is needed.

This is where the printed fridge magnet that is attached to the flyer comes in. Because it is attached with a soft semi-permanent glue to the flyer, it can be easily separated once a client receives it. Most people will use the magnet to hold the flyer on the fridge, keeping both front and center and advertising for an extended period of time. Even better, if the client grows tired of the flyer or redeems the deal on the flyer, or the deal expires, people will keep the fridge magnet for holding something else up even if they throw out your flyer.

This gives you both short term and long term advertising potential from a single product.

Both the flyer and fridge magnet are printed in full colour with virtually any design of your choosing. Fridge Magnets can come in three different cut types. These are Straight Edged Fridge Magnets, Rounded Corner Fridge Magnets and Shaped Fridge Magnets. All of these fridge magnets can be cut to a custom size and shaped fridge magnets can be cut into any custom shape you like with no additional setup fees.

The flyers these fridge magnets will be attached to can also be cut in a variety of sizes but are typically rectangular. The most common sizes are:

DL Size - Because this is the same size as a common envelope, fridge magnets attached to flyers of this size are perfect for mail campaigns and letterbox drops.
A5 Size - This size is great if you need to deliver more information to clients as the advertising space is much larger than DL sized flyers.
A6 Size - This is half the size of an A5 sized flyer and is a great option for advertisers on a budget.
In addition to the different sizes, fridge magnets can be attached to flyers of varying stocks. The most popular stock for flyers with fridge magnets attached is 250gsm but 350gsm is also quite popular.

For your next direct mail campaign, take advantage of mailer cards with fridge magnets attached.

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