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Car Door Magnets

Car Door Magnets are a really efficient way of converting any vehicle into a dedicated tool that advertises for you everywhere and anywhere you go. You can make sure that no time you spend during your commute is wasted, as every single second on the road is one that potential customers can see your business details and branding.

Because Magnetic Car Signs are custom-made, you can get anything you would like on them, ensuring your business message gets out into the world and advertising the way you want it to. They are excellent for company cars, fleets, delivery drivers or for tradespeople that travel to their worksites.

Another benefit of Magnetic Car Signs is that as users who do callouts or drive their vehicles to places in their service area, the advertising on the Magnetic Sign is highly relevant and advertises only to potential customers. This saves time by eliminating dead-end enquiries from interstate or from far away, meaning more time can be spent on your business and making money.

While the main use for Magnetic Car Signs is on the side of cars, usually on car doors, the can adhere to almost all parts of the car including the boot, roof, bonnet and even some ute trays, basically anywhere with a flat surface and is made of a metal with magnetic properties.

Magnetic Car Signs are made of a thick outdoor grade magnetic material that is designed to be not only sturdy, but heat and cold resistant and strong, ensuring they hold onto your vehicle in any weather, even at speeds of up to 130km/h. They are also printed using high grade UV inks that do not fade, even when placed for extended periods of time under the hot Australian sun. The printed material is sealed with a premium grade matte laminate so that even in the rain, the magnets maintain their appearance and do not run and deteriorate.

Magnetic Car Signs can be supplied as Straight Edged Car Door Magnets, Rounded Corner Car Door Magnets or as Shaped Car Door Magnets, allowing you a range of options for your specific advertising needs. Straight Edged Car Door Magnets typically have the fastest turnaround times and generally the lowest prices however if you really want to make your message stand out, Shaped Car Door Magnets are an excellent option for you.

Magnetic Car Signs come in many different sizes. You can get custom size car door magnets, but the most popular sizes that fit most cars are the 600mm x 400mm Car Door Magnets, the 600mm x 300mm Car Door Magnets and the 600mm x 200mm Car Door Magnets.

Car Magnets, despite being strong enough to hold onto your car at high speeds, will not damage the paint on your car, and are easily removable for when you want to update your Vehicle Magnets, clean your car or even put them on an entirely different vehicle. It is totally up to you.

Each order for vehicle magnets come with a set of easy care instructions for ensuring your magnets last for years, and to make sure that the surface of your car is looked after. The gist of it is to take your Car Magnets off your vehicle and give both the underside of the magnet and the surface of the car a quick once over with a wet rag or cloth. Easy-peasy. More details and tips for looking after you car door magnets will come with your order.

Don’t wait any longer. Turn your vehicle into an advertising, money-making machine today by buying your very own set of Magnetic Vehicle Signs. Everyday you wait is a day you could be advertising on-the-go with your car advertising magnets.

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