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Whiteboard Magnets

Whiteboard Magnets allow your customers to write important messages down for later so that they are viewed by all members of the household. This makes them a great way of generating heaps of impressions, leads and sales for your business.

Because Whiteboard Fridge Magnets are useful to all members of a household for conveying information to one another or for simply reminding oneself of something at a later time, they are often put in a very prominent location on the fridge for easy access and guaranteed viewing. This makes them extremely effective at ensuring your business is viewed more than any other magnet on the fridge.

Their added usefulness means that customers keep them for a long period of time and in addition to their prominent placement, they tend to be quite large to allow customers’ messages to be displayed. This combination of factors means that your Whiteboard Magnets make for an effective form of advertising. Many customers hold onto Whiteboard Magnets for years, meaning your business will get constant exposure for a long period of time.

Magnetic Whiteboards tend to have a header, footer or both that contain your business information and uses your corporate colours, with a large white space in between for customers to write on using a whiteboard marker. That being said, there are many different kinds of innovative Whiteboard Magnet designs that do not follow this template.

Whiteboard Fridge Magnets have three different cut types. They are Straight Edged Whiteboard Magnets, Rounded Corner Whiteboard Magnets and Shaped Whiteboard Magnets.

Because Magnetic Whiteboards tend to be square or rectangular, they are usually ordered as Straight Edged Whiteboard Magnets or Rounded Corner Whiteboard Magnets, however over the years we have seen some really creative and eye-catching designs for Shaped Whiteboard Magnets that have been effective for customers. Shaped Whiteboard Magnets and Rounded Corner Whiteboard Magnets are die cut, and as such are sometimes referred to in the industry as die cut Whiteboard Magnets. You can get any shape you desire from Mister Magnets® with no die setup fees whatsoever.

Whiteboard Magnets that are needed urgently or are required on a smaller budget should be ordered as Straight Edged Whiteboard Magnets as they have the fastest turnaround times and usually have the lowest prices.

Provide a useful tool to your customers and remind them everyday that your business is there when they need you. Order your very own Custom Whiteboard Magnets now.

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