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Postcard Magnets

Postcard Magnets are a good way of providing your customers with an awesome way of remembering their experience with you for years to come, driving return visits, word of mouth referrals and better awareness of your business.

Magnetic Postcards are essentially a promotional magnet to advertise your business that are about the size of a postcard. Magnetic Postcards tend to feature extremely attractive designs, photos of picturesque locations or high quality images featuring some aspect of your business. Due to this, magnetic postcards tend to be put on a easy-to-view place on the fridge so that customers can look forward to or think back to the time when they visit your tourist destination restaurant or take part in fun outdoor activity.

Postcard Sized Magnet printing is awesome for generating awareness of your business and can ensure that customers include you in their next holiday, or better yet, keep returning to your business every single time they are in town. Magnetic Postcards help to drive discussion about your business as the attractive design encourages people visiting to ask about where that place is or when they got that magnet.

Magnetic Postcards have the design on one side and a full magnetic backing on the other, so they have a strong hold to the fridge and can make sure that customers important documents and photos are all kept in order. Also, because they look great, customers tend to keep them for years, meaning you get tons of long term advertising from just a single Postcard Magnet.

Magnetic Postcard printing is available in three different types, based on how the magnet is cut. They are Straight Edged Postcard Magnets, Rounded Corner Postcard Magnets and Shaped Postcard Magnets.

Straight Edged Postcard Magnets are the most popular as they look the closest to a regular postcard. In addition, they generally have the lowest prices and fastest turnaround times, making them perfect for budget or deadline conscious buyers.

Rounded Corner Postcard Magnets look a little nicer as magnets than Straight Edged Postcard Magnets, although they do stand out and look a little different to standard postcards. If that is the effect you are after, Rounded Corner Postcard Magnets are the way to go.

Shaped Postcard Magnets have the potential to be the most eye-catching and in turn the most effective. Their shape is ultimately defined by the artwork, though we have had some very innovative ones designed for and submitted by our customers. If you want to make your business stand out, Shaped Postcard Magnets are an excellent option. Shaped Postcard Magnets are die cut, and as a result are sometimes called die cut postcard magnets. Mister Magnets® allows for any shape without any die setup fees so you can get the shape you want.

Don’t wait any longer. Every single Magnetic Postcard you sell or hand out has huge advertising potential. Make sure you get yours soon to start advertising with Postcard Magnets.

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