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Business Card Magnets

Mister Magnets® extensive range of business card magnets is sure to have the perfect kind of design to promote your business no matter what industry you are in.

Unlike regular business cards, Magnetic Business Cards are here to stay. When you receive a business card, you have to weigh up whether it is worth the space in your wallet and if it is not, it goes straight into the bin. On the other hand, Magnetic Business Cards are useful to the recipient, allowing them to hold important notes, bills or photos to their fridge or filing cabinet in the places that matter most - in the home and in the workplace. 

There are three major kinds of Magnetic Business Cards. Straight Edged Business Card Magnets, Rounded Corner Business Card Magnets and Shaped Business Card Magnets. 

Straight Edged Business Card Magnets come with pointed corners. They have the fastest production time compared to other kinds of Business Card Fridge Magnets and generally have lower prices. Sizes available for order include the industry standard Business Card size 55mm x 90mm as well as the famous Mister Magnets® 53mm x 86mm. Not the size you are after? No need to worry. Our production method allows us to manufacture Fridge Magnet Business Card Magnets in any size so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. 

Rounded Corner Business Card Magnets, as the name suggests have Rounded Corners. They give off a friendlier and softer vibe than Straight Edged Business Card Magnets. Rounded Corner Business Card Magnets coincidentally are the same as Straight Edged Business Card Magnets when it comes to the most popular sizes however, we can also produce custom size Rounded Corner Business Card Magnets. 

Shaped Business Card Magnets are growing rapidly in popularity as many businesses attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As you can imagine, Shaped Business Card Magnets are Magnetic Business Cards that come in a non-standard shape. This essentially means that you can allow the actual shape of your magnet become part of your design, and emphasize your business’ industry or benefits you offer, as well as have a greater impact on consumers once they get into homes and offices.

As the shape of Shaped Business Card Magnets can vary from job to job, there are no sizes that are particularly popular however, there are popular shapes depending on industry. The popularity of Business Card Magnets among Real Estate Agents has made House Shaped Business Card Magnets extremely popular in recent times. Because we can do any shape or size however, you can get whatever shape you want to make your brand pop, so the only thing you need to worry about is how much fridge space you want to dominate. All this, with no additional forme, die or setup fees.

We have also added added a new kind of Business Card Size Magnet which can be a variation on any of the three mentioned above. Pop-out Business Card Magnets are supplied within a Magnetic Photo Frame, allowing consumers to hold up the important stuff like bills with your Magnetic Business Card, while allowing them to hold up cherished memories and photos with a Magnetic Photo Frame. 

Business Card Size Magnets are an amazing first step towards ensuring your business is well known in your local area for years to come. Get yours today and beat your competitors to the punch.

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