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Business Card Magnets

Fridge magnet business cards blend the practicality of keeping your details handy with the permanence of a magnet. Perfect for any business looking to stick in their clients' minds, these cards serve as a constant reminder of one of the most visited spots in any home— the fridge.

Types of Fridge Magnet Business Cards

Straight Edged
The Straight Edged custom Business Card Magnets are designed with pointed corners, offering quick production time and affordability. They are available in the standard business card size of 55mm x 90mm and the unique Mister Magnets® size of 53mm x 86mm

If these sizes don't fit your needs, their flexible manufacturing process allows for custom-sized magnets to ensure you get precisely what you're looking for, making them a versatile choice for any business.

Rounded Corner
The Rounded Corner Business Card Magnets feature smooth, curved edges, offering a more approachable and soft appearance compared to their straight-edged counterparts. Despite having the same popular sizes as Straight Edge, custom sizes are available to meet specific needs. This flexibility ensures you can find or create a magnet that perfectly matches your business's style and requirements.

Shaped Business Card
Our custom shaped business card magnets are becoming very popular as businesses look for unique ways to stand out. These magnets are not the usual shape but can be customised to reflect your business's industry or the benefits you offer. This customisation not only makes your brand more memorable but also ensures it has a strong impact when displayed in homes and offices.

Pop Out
Our Pop Out Business Card fridge magnets come with a magnetic photo frame, offering a dual-purpose design. It's designed so that you can use the business card part to stick important notes like bills, while the frame part is perfect for displaying photos or memories. This two-in-one feature offers both practicality and a personal touch adding an extra layer of utility and engagement to your business card.


What Makes Business Card Magnets for Fridges A Great Advertising & Brand Promotion?
Our custom magnetic business cards serve as an effective advertising tool because they're placed on fridges, making your business constantly visible to clients. This strategy turns a simple card into a powerful promotional instrument, ensuring your brand stays in sight every day. 

It's an affordable and efficient way to maintain visibility, enhancing brand recall and recognition. This approach leverages the everyday use of a fridge, making it a smart choice for businesses aiming to remain top of mind with their clients in a subtle, yet impactful way.

Advantages of Magnet Business Cards

Magnet business cards offer superior durability compared to traditional paper cards. Their sturdy nature means they're less likely to get damaged, keeping your contact details visible and easy to read for a longer time. This makes them a reliable way to maintain your contact information in good condition, accessible to your clients or contacts whenever they need it.

Placing your magnet business cards on a fridge means they're always in sight, directly in the daily path of your clients. This constant visibility acts like a regular reminder of your business, significantly improving brand recognition over time. It's a straightforward yet effective way to keep your business in the minds of your customers.

Magnet business cards have more uses than just sharing contact details. They can stick to metal surfaces, holding up important notes or pictures. This added functionality makes them useful in everyday life, reducing the chances they'll be thrown away compared to regular business cards. It's a practical tool, ensuring your business remains in view and relevant.


Beat your competitors to the Punch with Customised Magnet Business Cards for Fridge.
At Mister Magnets®, we specialise in crafting customised fridge magnet business cards that ensure your business stands out. Utilising vibrant colours, various shapes, and innovative designs, we create magnets that reflect your brand's uniqueness. 

Our offerings include premium quality products that stand out for their excellence. We also provide free artwork services to bring your vision to life, ensuring your brand shines. Plus, enjoy lightning-fast, insured delivery across Australia, guaranteeing your satisfaction with both our products and service. This commitment ensures you receive only the best, hassle-free service.

With Mister Magnets®, your business won't just reach clients' homes, it will become a part of their everyday lives, setting you apart from the competition. Embrace a promotional tool that sticks—literally.

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