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Information Magnets

Ordering Information Magnets is an effective way to ensure that you can have an effective long term advertising campaign via direct mail. Info Magnets are extremely versatile and are particularly useful to customers as they provide snippets of information that customers can refer to regularly, meaning your brand gets more exposure and impressions that lead to more sales for your business.

Because they are so useful, Information Magnets have among the highest keep rates of all of our fridge magnets. Your customers will appreciate them and find them incredibly useful. Every time customers refer to your information magnet, they will be reminded of the business that provided them with such an awesome tool.

The possibilities are endless for Info Magnets. Often the way to get the most out of them is to provide some kind of information, chart, tips, facts or method that can help customers with something related to your industry.

Some examples include Eye Chart Information Magnets for optometrists, Recipes or Kitchen Measurements and Conversion Magnets for greengrocers or butchers, CPR Chart Information Magnets for medical practices and doctors, Top 10 Dieting Tips Information Magnets for nutritionists, Motivational Quotes Information Magnets for personal trainers, Menu Information Magnets for restaurants, Keyboard Shortcut Information Magnets for IT consultants, Power or Water Saving Tips Information Magnets for electricians or plumbers and many, many more. The list could go on forever.

The beauty of Info Magnets is that if you give someone a new Information Magnet with a different set of tips or information, they are more likely to add it to their fridge as well as the old one, rather than replace the old one as is what tends to happen with Calendar Magnets. Essentially, you are able to take up more advertising space on customer’s fridges by having multiple magnets there. This ensures that you dominate your industry in your local area, not even allowing your competitors to come into consideration in places where your fridge magnet or fridge magnets are present.

Again, customers will be thankful that you have provided them with such useful tools, which leaves a positive and lasting impression on them.

There are three major kinds of Information Magnets printing we can do. They are Straight Edged Information Magnets, Rounded Corner Information Magnets and Shaped Information Magnets.

Straight Edged Information Magnets are great if you are on a budget or need your order fast as they have the shortest production times and the lowest prices. The most popular size for Straight Edged Information Magnets is DL (99mm x 210mm) as these tend to be large enough to contain a lot of information on them. That being said, you will generally base the size of your Information Magnet on the amount of information you want to display. Because we can manufacture Information Magnets in any size, this will never be a problem.

Rounded Corner Information Magnets simply have round corners on them. They look a bit nicer and have been growing in popularity recently, despite their slightly higher cost compared to their straight edged counterparts. They tend to be popular among larger companies and government entities.

Shaped Information Magnets allow you information magnets to be even more attractive to customers because in addition to their usefulness, they can look amazing and be something somebody can be proud of having on their fridge and even show off to visitors. With the option of any shape, you can get something that relates to your industry or that complements the information you are providing. Some companies may even be able to use their branding to sell these information as merchandise - if the design is attractive enough.

Now that you know all about our Information Magnets printing, get yours! For a full list of Information Magnet content ideas, please contact us. We can assist with your Information Magnet needs.

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