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Important Numbers

Your customers are always looking for something to assist them with their day to day lives. Important Numbers Magnets are a great way to do this while ensuring that your business takes up a good amount of advertising space in the most prominent places in the home.

Important Numbers Magnets, while providing the benefit of being able to hold important notes, bills and photos on the fridge, also serve the purpose of providing quick reference phone numbers for customers to call when they require particular services. This helps to remind customers of the helpful nature of your business and leaves a positive and lasting impression of your brand.

Important Numbers Magnets can have any set of phone numbers that you like however we do have standard lists available so that you can simply choose the services you would like to include. Usually most people who order Important Numbers Magnets like to have the phone number for emergency services, medical services and GPs, poisons information, Lifeline, Kids Hotline, CrimeStoppers, the local council and local tradespeople such as electricians and plumbers. Some of our customers have become quite savvy in recent times and have even charged some businesses in their service area to put their phone number on the magnet, essentially crowdsourcing the cost of the magnet from the owners of the numbers featured.

The three main types of Important Numbers Magnets as defined by their cut are Straight Edged Important Numbers Magnets, Rounded Corner Important Numbers Magnets and Shaped Important Numbers Magnets.

Straight Edged Important Numbers Magnets are cost effective and can be manufactured usually in less than 24 hours, making them a very popular choice for professionals such as real estate agents, lawyers, accountants and financial advisors. They have straight or square corners as they are sometimes referred.

Rounded Corner Important Numbers Magnets are great for giving a nice, friendly and professional appearance to your Important Numbers Magnets design. They are a little pricier than the Straight Edged Important Numbers Magnets but they definitely look nicer and are particularly good for advertising services related to education or childcare.

Shaped Important Numbers really allow your brand to shine. Phone Shaped Important Numbers are a great way of making your brand stand out on someone’s fridge while also reminding customers to go to your magnet when they need to call one of the services you have listed. Otherwise a shape that helps people to recognise your goods or service can really make your magnet stand out among other magnets on the fridge, but also increase the likelihood of your Important Numbers Magnet being kept over a magnet from one of your competitors. By utilising an attractive design, you can make sure customers will check your magnet whenever they need to make an important call.

Make yourself an important number in your customers books by ordering your very own Important Numbers Magnets.

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