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Calendar Magnets

Calendar Magnets are one of the most popular types of fridge magnets that Mister Magnets® has on offer. You are sure to find a kind that suits your business or branding within our extensive range, but you can also order a custom size or shape as well with no additional setup cost.

Magnetic Calendars are great because they are useful to customers, keeping them organised, reminding them of important dates, public and school holidays. As a result they get referred to often meaning more customers looking at your business, resulting in you being the first point of contact when they require your goods or services. The calendar magnet itself is an awesome way of making sure that they keep the magnet for a minimum period of time and, if you send them another one the following year, making sure that you are always the one on their fridge or filing cabinet, looking after and being there for them.

Compared to standard paper or notepad calendars, magnetic calendars have the added benefit of being placed in a prominent position in one of the most traversed rooms in most households, the kitchen. This allows your custom calendar magnet to be seen at any time all the time, resulting in a significantly larger number of impressions than the paper and notepad ones, which ultimately only get looked at when customers want to pencil in a certain date or write a note. This feature of the calendar magnet again adds convenience for customers as your magnetic calendar is always waiting there for the exact moment they need you.

Calendar Magnets are typically large compared to other types of fridge magnets, meaning they take up a lot more fridge space. This makes your magnetic calendars for the fridge appear much more prominent and ultimately give you more advertising space.

There are three main kinds of Magnetic Calendars. Straight Edged Calendar Magnets, Rounded Corner Calendar Magnets and Shaped Calendar Magnets.

Straight Edge Calendar Magnets come with straight corners. They generally have lower prices than other kinds of magnetic calendars and have the fastest production times. The most popular sizes for Calendar Magnets were the DL envelope size 99mm x 210mm and the Mister Magnets® “Almost DL” size 97mm x 197mm.

Rounded Corner Calendar Magnets are essentially Magnetic Calendars with rounded corners instead of straight ones. They look a little bit nicer than their straight edged counterparts but are a little more complex to manufacture, meaning they take a little longer and cost a little more. The DL size is also the most popular size for Rounded Corner Calendar Magnets.

Shaped Calendar Magnets allow your large magnetic calendar to stand out even more on your customer’s fridges. By using a shaped design, you are able to incorporate an extra design element to make your calendar magnet even more eye-catching and more highly converting. While you can order your Calendar Magnet in any shape you want, the most popular shape is House Shaped Calendar Magnets. House Shaped Magnetic Calendars are particularly popular amongst real estate agents, mortgage brokers and loan specialists who occasionally even order Financial Year Calendar Magnets. We have a large selection of predetermined house shapes already available but if you want something else, our manufacturing process allows us to do it at no extra cost. Because there are an infinite number of possible shapes, it is difficult to define an exact most popular size for Shaped Calendar Magnets, however they are almost always somewhat close to being DL sized magnets.

So now that you know all about our Magnetic Calendars, go and check out what we have on offer and get your Magnetic Calendars today.

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