To Do List Magnets by Mister Magnets

To Do List Magnets

To Do List Magnets make sure that your customers know exactly what to do when they need your products or services. They are a great tool for helping your customers stay organised, encouraging them to look at your branded To Do List Magnet often and in turn take in your contact and business details.

Magnetic To Do Lists essentially allow a lot of space for your customers to write on, allowing them to stay organised or remind themselves to complete a particular task on a given day, week or time. They encourage frequent checking of the information written on the To Do List Magnet, ensuring every member of a household is exposed to your business.

They are often kept for years as a result of their usefulness, meaning you get thousands of impressions and really good exposure over the life of the Magnetic To Do List, resulting in additional leads and sales that you would have missed out on using other forms of advertising.

To Do List Magnets can be written on and erased using whiteboard markers as a result of the protective gloss cellosheen that the magnets are finished with. This ensures that your branding stays looking vibrant and eye-catching constantly, with only the notes and information your customer writes on the magnet being erasable.

They also tend to be fairly large to accommodate for the numerous tasks customers would like to write onto the Magnetic To Do List, resulting in increased advertising space for you.

To Do List Magnets are available for purchase in three major cut types. They are Straight Edged To Do List Magnets, Rounded Corner To Do List Magnets and Shaped To Do List Magnets. Straight Edged To Do List Magnets are the best if you are on a tight budget or require your To Do List Magnets fast as they have the fastest turnaround times and generally have the lowest prices.

Rounded Corner To Do List Magnets look a bit nicer than the Straight Edged To Do List Magnets and are the most popular type. They do take a little bit longer to manufacture but this stands as a testament to their popularity.

Shaped To Do List Magnets are not particularly popular but as a result are a great way to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd with an eye-catching and unique design or shape. They are sometimes called die cut To Do List Magnets due to their manufacturing process. Mister Magnets® does not charge die setup fees.

So there you have it. All your information on our To Do List Magnets. You know what to do - order yours and start advertising your business better today!

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