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Mister Magnets Sample Packs

PLEASE NOTE: All samples are pre-made generic examples only. Our sample packs are provided free of charge and are simply demonstrating the print and magnetic material quality.

If you require a specific magnet finished with your own artwork, please let us know in the message section of this form - a fee will be applicable for this service.

So you want to know what the quality of our magnets are like. No problem. If the quality of your magnets is important to you, you've reached out to the right company. Magnets that are not strong or sturdy enough to be useful to your customers end up straight in the bin. It's as simple as that. You don't want to waste your advertising dollars or even worse, have a weak, poor image of your brand. So only order quality magnets.

Our fridge magnet material is 0.6mm thick and has high magnesium content, giving it enough strength to hold not only itself up, but around 3 to 4 sheets of copy paper for just a business card size magnet. They have a pull strength of approximately ≥24g/cm2. This ensures that your magnets are useful to your customers and are kept for years and years, ensuring your magnet is there when your customers need you. We use a thinner printed stock and coat this in cellosheen, preventing the magnet from 'dog-earing' and keeping the magnet looking fresh and awesome for years. The overall thickness of the magnet is 0.7mm with these applied.

Our magnetic signage material is 0.8mm thick, meaning it is even stronger. This means it has enough strength to hold onto car doors even when travelling at speeds of up to 190km/h. We use a special matt laminated vinyl to protect the artwork from strong winds and wet weather conditions and UV resistant inks to ensure that even in the hot Australian sun the colours do not fade. We are so confident, we offer a 5-Year No-Fade Guarantee. The overall thickness of our magnetic signs is 0.9mm with these applied.

Don't take our word for it though. Simply fill out the above form and we'll express ship a sample pack out to you today. We'll be sure to include a variety of different styles for you to consider.

How to Compare Magnet Quality

When comparing quality, compare the strength, not the flexibility or stiffness. The reason behind this is because the strength is defined by three factors - the area of the magnet, the thickness of the magnet and the magnet's magnesium content.

Often what competitors do is claim they have a thick magnet and make it seem stronger by bulking up a thin, usually 0.4mm magnet with a thick paper card stock. This will increase the overall thickness, as well as make the magnet less flexible and more rigid, making it seem like the material is stronger when really they aren't.

The easiest way to test strength is to see how many pieces of paper the magnet can hold up. The more pieces, the stronger it is. Simple. To be fair about this, compare magnets of a similar area.

In addition to being there to bulk up a thinner magnet, thicker card stocks are more likely to dog-ear, and in turn get thrown out, meaning they don't advertise for nearly as long as they should.

Be careful when being quoted thickness. Always ask for a breakdown of the components of the magnet. You should be told the magnet thickness and the overall thickness. If you're not being told, they either lack the product knowledge to tell you or are trying to hide the fact of selling you a second rate product.

Remember, a poor quality magnet is a poor reflection on your brand. Make sure you are sending your customers the right magnet and the right message about your business.

If you ever need assistance or would like advice on magnet quality, feel free to let us know. We are always ready and waiting to help.

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