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What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing is similar to regular printing, however various elements such as barcodes, QR Codes, product SKUs and alphanumeric text can be personalised from each print to the next. These personalised components are extracted from a database (excel spreadsheet, csv file or Google sheet etc) and printed using a high speed digital printer.

What popular applications can Variable Data Magnets be used for?

Variable Data Magnets can be personalised for a number of applications. Promotional codes are just one example that are used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Also, individual photos are used for identification purposes in larger companies. Alphanumeric codes and SKUs are commonly used to identify product lines and specific products. 

Many businesses use barcodes and QR codes to label products, often placed on metal shelving and racking systems inside warehouses. Sequential numbering is also popular for differentiating products or services.

The process of Variable Data Magnets

Upon a brief discussion to fully understand the requirements for each Variable Data Magnet job, Mister Magnets will request your variable data in the form of a csv file or an excel spreadsheet (or equivalent). Once this is received, we will discuss your quantities, sizes and shapes (if applicable). At this point, we will create a template and provide it to you.

Once the template has been finalised, Mister Magnets will provide you a proof for you to review before production commences. This will ensure there are no surprises once the job has been completed. After you have approved the proof, your Variable Data Magnets will progress to the manufacturing process.

Why order Variable Data Magnets from Mister Magnets?

Mister Magnets has a team of highly skilled and experienced designers who all are trained in creating and supplying Variable Data Magnets. We supply hundreds of these types of jobs to businesses throughout Australia every year. We make the entire process easy and seamless, so you end up with a great quality, highly accurate result in a very short timeframe.

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