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Fridge Magnets are custom made and as a result are available in any size you like! Mister Magnets offers several popular sizes that we can turn around super fast. Our custom refrigerator magnets have a minimum dimension limit of 25mm and a maximum of 841mm. In other words the smallest refrigerator magnet we can make is 25mm x 25mm and the largest refrigerator magnet we can make is 450mm x 841mm. We do not charge any setup fees for this service.

When ordering the size of your preferred fridge magnet, simply enter the maximum vertical measurement and the maximum horizontal measurement of the size you want. You can enter the dimensions in any order you like, it won’t make any difference to the price. If the size of your fridge magnets requires adjustment after you have placed your order, we will let you know once we have examined your artwork.

As we are able to produce custom refrigerator magnets in virtually any size, it can be challenging to lock in a preferred size. We are happy to provide advice on sizing and design to accommodate your needs.

As a rule of thumb, you should consider a size that will comfortably fit all of the information you want to include on your magnet. That is, the more advertising space you want, the larger the fridge magnets you should order. Keep in mind not to order a size that is too big as consumers may find this as a little intrusive. If your refrigerator magnets are bright, colourful, eye-catching and include an attractive image or design, then you could probably get away with the larger size. However if your design is generally straight up advertising, then consider a size that is a little more subtle.

Business Card Magnets are available in a few different sizes, whether they have straight edges, rounded corners or a custom shape. The most popular size magnetic business card is 55mm x 90mm.

Magnetic Calendars require a much larger area to display the months of the year as well as your contact details, brand and message. Calendar Magnets are also available in a number of popular sizes, the most common by far being the DL size of 99mm x 210mm. Both landscape and portrait orientations are available. Your clients will love them as they are handy to refer to dates and at the same time continually promote your brand.

We offer a range of Slimline Magnets which are available in a handful of standard sizes, or you are free to order a custom size to accommodate your requirements. The can be popular for magnetic rulers, bookmarks and even displaying a list of emergency and/or important contact names and numbers. The most popular size Slimline Magnets are:

  • 47mm x 147mm
  • 47mm x 197mm
  • 72mm x 197mm

Our range of Important Numbers Magnets are available in many different aspect ratios, ranging from square shaped to portrait slimline versions. As they usually display lots of contact numbers, they are typically a little larger in size. Again, Important Number Magnets are available in a number of popular sizes but you can order any custom size you like. The most popular size for Important Numbers Magnets is 210mm x 99mm.

Information Magnets are typically large in size so they can fit all the useful information that your customers will want to refer to. They are particularly popular in the medical field, hospitality and for professionals. Anything from CPR charts, recipes, home loan tables and tips on saving water are used as Information Magnets. The smallest standard size we recommend for Information Magnets is 60mm x 100mm. Again there are a number of popular sizes you can choose from, depending on your requirements.

Special Events Magnets often vary in size based on the amount of information you want to include and the general design of your artwork/event. They can be small, medium or large. The most popular size for special events magnets is definitely the 72mm x 97mm.

To Do List Magnets are used for your clients to write their choirs on, so they are usually on the larger sized magnets. To Do List Magnets are typically portrait oriented and your brand and contact details are positioned at the top and bottom, with the list in the middle. The most popular size To Do List Magnets are the 72mm x 147mm.

Lastly we have Whiteboard Fridge Magnets. These fridge magnets need to be quite large to allow for your clients to write messages and note. Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets are very common and clients love them. The most popular sizes are A6 (105mm x 148mm) and 97mm x 197mm.

All of our customer support team are here to assist with choosing the best size for your next fridge magnet campaign. Our skilled graphic designers will create your magnet to help you get the results you expect. Remember, at Mister Magnets we’ll make your message stick!

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