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Special Event Magnets

Special Event Magnets make sure that customers are aware of all the important details about your upcoming market, fun run, grand opening, sporting event, concert, festival, fete, community meetings or any other event you might hold. They can also be used as awesome souvenirs for people to keep to remember events they have attended in the past.

Because Special Event Magnets contain important information about your event such as the date, time, activity or even special discount codes or product offerings, people tend to keep them in prominent places so that they don’t miss the opportunity you are providing to them.

Special Event Magnets are an awesome way to build hype and excitement for your upcoming event and because they tend to be placed in a prominent spot on the fridge, they are seen on the regular by all members of a household in the lead up to your event, in turn helping to increase ticket sales and overall attendance rates.

Customers who attend your events also like to keep them to remember the awesome time they had at your event, which encourages them to attend next time and even bring their friends. Sometimes, particularly if your Special Event Magnets have an attractive design, customers keep them for years, proudly displaying them on their fridge or office filing cabinet and showing off the fact that they were there.

Special Event Magnets can be ordered in most shapes and sizes, however there are three main types of Special Event Magnets, based on how the magnets are cut.

The first type of Special Event Magnets are Straight Edged Special Event Magnets. These kind of Special Event Magnets are great if you are on a smaller budget or require your magnets fast as they have the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround times, often being manufactured in 24 hours or less.

The second type of Special Event Magnets are Rounded Corner Special Event Magnets. They have rounded corners as opposed to the square corners on the Straight Edged Special Event Magnets making them appear more professional and attractive to customers.

The third type of Special Event Magnets are Shaped Special Event Magnets. These are regarded by consumers as more relevant and tend to have more attractive designs, prompting customers to keep them more often and for longer than the other types of Special Event Magnets. They make for great keepsakes that allow customers to remember the amazing time at your event and encourages them to make sure they attend next time. Popular shapes for Special Event Magnets include guitar shaped magnets or microphone shaped magnets for concerts and fruit shaped magnets for weekend markets. You can order Special Event Magnets in any shape or size you like to suit your upcoming event, so please feel free to ask us for a quote. Die cut Special Event Magnets do not incur any die setup fees when ordered through Mister Magnets®.

Special Event Magnets ensure that your event is the place to be, so make sure you order them and generate interest for your next upcoming event!

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