We'll make your message stick!

The Mister Magnets team can help your business message stick, not just literally!

We take your business inside your customer’s home. Our products aim to promote your business, your brand, your service, your message, to consumers. Fast and efficiently.

Fridge magnets are virtually the only promotional product that showcase your brand 24/7, year after year. On average, each fridge magnet receives 14,600 impressions per year.

Due to the very high exposure magnets enjoy, consumers will associate your brand with your business. Also, your brand recollection value is very high - and the best part is the low cost!

Expert product advice to help expand your brand

The Mister Magnets team are highly trained to provide professional advice so you get the results you expect. We have processed tens of thousands of fridge magnet jobs over the years and we love to share what we have learned.

When ordering your magnets, we are happy to assist with selecting the best options for your marketing strategy, including:

  • type of magnet
  • size
  • colours
  • images
  • fonts
  • layout
  • orientation
  • copy / text

Do's and don’ts for your fridge magnet design

Over the past few years we have been gathering data from thousands of customers in dozens of industries to figure out what really works when it comes to generating real results from the design element of fridge magnets.

Here are some do's and don'ts of what we have learned:

What you should avoid doing...

  • Too much info - creates clutter and promotes confusion
  • Listing all your services - if you forget one people may assume you don't offer that service. Better to say (for example) "We specialise in all types of plumbing"
  • Displaying a price or offer on your magnets - magnets last for years, your prices and offers won't
  • Operating Hours - avoid this as you may decide to start opening on Saturdays and the magnet from 6 years ago says you are closed
  • Including unnecessary info - Do you really need to include your Fax number and postal address - magnets are small so only include info that helps get enquiries
  • Phone, Email, Mob, Web - do you really need to display these words before the contact info. Everyone knows that 0438 624 638 is a mobile phone number (even without the word Mob: in front of it). https://www.mistermagnets.com.au doesn't need the word "Web" before it either
  • Avoid colours that clash - they don't stand out and make you look unprofessional
  • Too big or too small - money can be wasted on ordering a size that is too large and may look intrusive. Also, ordering a magnet that is too small may not get noticed compared to that of a slightly larger magnet
  • Quantities - try avoid ordering too many magnets - once they hit the streets you need to keep up with enquiries - no one likes to get engaged signals on the phone

What you should do...

  • Clear and easy to read - when it comes to magnets, the rule is keep it simple, clear and concise. Magnets are generally quite small so don’t try and write a novel on your magnet that no one will ever read
  • Include contact details - make sure you include your basic contact details, including phone, website address and if you operate a retail business, your street address
  • Use your logo - showcasing your company logo will strengthen brand recall and recognition
  • Use an image - as they say, a picture tells a thousand words, make sure the image is relevant and looks eye catching
  • Website - always display your website address on your magnet - this will help drive traffic to your site and in turn help get you even more results

Distribution Ideas

Let’s face it, if your magnets are hiding in a box under your counter and are only given out sparingly, you probably won’t get great results. Here are some distribution channels you may consider to help spread your message:

  • Letterbox drops in you local area
  • Place the on the front counter
  • Give 2 or 3 magnets to happy clients for them to pass on
  • Distribute them to surrounding businesses
  • Pass them out at trade shows and events

Once your magnets hit the streets, they will start doing their magic!