Promotional Magnets

Promotional Magnets

About our Promotional Magnets

Our Promotional Magnets are available in any shape and size you want and are manufactured using a commercial grade magnetic material. All of our Promotional Magnets are finished with a high gloss protective film that always keeps them looking brand new, while promoting your business year after year.

We offer a wide variety of Promotional Magnets including Postcard Magnets, Sports and Fixture Magnets, Information Magnets, Important Numbers Magnets and DL Size Magnets. The quality of our magnets is premium which is important because it is also a direct reflection of the quality of our clients’ businesses.

Promotional Magnets are typically stuck to the refrigerator or filing cabinet, always showcasing your brand and business details in an area that people frequent several times every day. The reason the magnets are kept is due to them being handy and useful, that is their ability to hold invitations, grocery lists and newsletters to the fridge.

We can customise the design of your Promotional Magnets with your logo and company theme, helping you to expand your brand and reach more new customers. At a fraction of the price of any other promotional item, fridge magnets will always give you the biggest bang for your buck. The more magnets you order, the cheaper the unit rate becomes.

The most effective method in distributing your promotional magnets include letterbox drops, trade shows, inserting them into your monthly accounts and giving them to your happy customers for them to refer on to their friends and family. If you have a store, displaying your Promotional Magnets on the front counter is also a good idea, making it easy for your in-store traffic to simply take one.