Outdoor & Car Magnets

Outdoor & Car Magnets

About our Outdoor & Car Magnets

Mister Magnets manufacture custom outdoor magnets suitable for displaying on vehicles, trucks, forklifts, shelving, machinery, sheds and magnetic walls. These type of magnets are weatherproof and UV resistant to avoid fading.

Magnetic Signs are available in three standard sizes, 600mm x 200mm, 600mm x 300mm and 600mm x 400mm. We can also manufacture our outdoor magnetic signs in any other size that meets your requirements.

The Outdoor Magnets & Magnetic Car Door Magnets are all made using commercial grade magnetic material which is strong, durable and will never fly off your vehicle. They are also removable so the magnet can be shared across multiple vehicles without damaging or scratching your paintwork!

Car Magnets are used mostly for advertising purposes. The average car passes by thousands of other cars every day, giving an enormous amount of exposure to that company and it's brand. Even when the vehicle is parked on a job site or at the side of the road, your car door magnet will enjoy hundreds, if not thousands of eyeballs.

Contact Mister Magnets to order your Outdoor Magnets and Car Door Magnets. We offer a free design service to help you generate the results you expect. Order online or call 1300 MAGNETS (1300 624 638).