Info Magnets

Info Magnets

About our Info Magnets

Info Magnets are available in any style and size you like. Whether your clients want to reference resuscitation charts, kitchen measures, rulers, conversion tables or the types of rubbish that should be recycled, info magnets are a great solution. Very handy and useful, they are always kept and stuck to the fridge.

Due to your customers continually referencing the Info Magnets, they typically receive a substantial amount of additional exposure compared to the standard fridge magnet. Info Magnets are a powerful way to say ‘‘thank you’ to your clients. Everyone will appreciate receiving an Info Magnet and they will definitely reinforce your brand every single day.

Info Magnets allow your clients to easily find your contact details to use your service or buy your products. Info Magnets are always on display, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are very versatile in their ability to stick to anything with a metal surface. Many businesses stick them to the company refrigerator which is constantly used by staff - again promoting your brand to even more consumers!

Our range of Info Magnets are all manufactured using a commercial grade magnetic material. They are finished with a high gloss protective film that keeps them looking brand new year after year. Simply let us know the type of Info Magnet you are considering and our professional graphic artists will create a design just for you - free of charge!