Round Corner Magnets

Round Corner Magnets

About our Round Corner Magnets

Try our range of promotional magnets with rounded corners. They have an old-fashioned / retro style finish that looks groovy! Round Corner Magnets are available in a number of standard sizes or we can custom make any size to suit your requirements.

All of our Round Corner Magnets are manufactured using a commercial grade magnetic material. They are finished with a high gloss protective film that always keeps them looking brand new, while exposing your business year after year.

The quality of our Round Corner Magnets is premium which is important because it is also a direct reflection of the quality of our clients’ businesses. Round Corner Magnets can be stuck to the fridge, whiteboards, filing cabinet and any type of metal cupboard. They will continually reinforce your brand and generate enquiries for many years.

We can incorporate your logo and business details into the design of your Round Corner Magnets, helping it to be eye-catching and effectively reaching more new customers. Compared to almost any other type of promotional product, Round Corner Fridge Magnets provide the best value for money. There are considerable price discounts for ordering larger quantities.

Some popular methods in distributing your Round Corner Magnets include mailbox drops, trade and conference shows, inserting them into your monthly newsletter and handing them to your best customers for them to refer on to their colleagues. If you have a retail premises, displaying your Round Corner Magnets near the front counter or cash register is a good idea, making it easy for your clients to simply take one.