DL Size Magnets

DL Size Magnets

About our DL Size Magnets

Our DL Size Magnets are ideal to send out to existing customers or for letterbox drops to help generate new customers. The size is a large 210mm x 99mm which is suitable to incorporate your photo, logo and contact details with either a calendar, a list of important numbers or maybe even a to-do list.

Mister Magnets manufactures our DL Size Magnets using commercial grade magnetic material ensuring they never fall off the fridge. The magnet is a 100% full backing magnet finished with a high gloss protective film that always keeps the magnet looking brand new.

DL Size magnets have proven to be substantially more effective than regular fridge magnets due to their size and exposure. Their strength can easily hold up multiple items to the fridge including party invitations, grocery lists, school newsletters and (unfortunately) speeding fines.

Our professional graphic designers can create eye-catching DL Size Magnets customised just for your business. The best part is we won’t charge you any fees for the design component. Start growing your business even faster and order your DL Magnets today. We offer a ‘Lowest Price or it’s Free’ pricing guarantee with no hidden costs, so there’s no excuses.