Calendar Magnets

Calendar Magnets

About our Calendar Magnets

Our Calendar Magnets are available in a number of sizes and styles. We manufacture standard 12 month calendars, financial year calendars and even 18 month magnetic calendars. We can incorporate your photo, logo and contact details into the design for an effective result.

Our Calendar Magnets are produced using commercial grade magnetic material ensuring they stick around all year long. The magnetic calendar is a full backing magnet finished with a high gloss protective film that always keeps it looking brand new.

We offer a wide variety of Calendar Magnets including 12 month calendar magnets, financial year magnets, 18 month calendar magnets, sports fixture magnets and even Save The Date Magnets. We can also manufacture Calendar Magnets in different shapes. The most popular shape is a house for real estate clients, however we can create any shape you want without any setup charges or die-cut costs.

Calendar Magnets are a thoughtful way to say ‘Thank you’ to your customers. They will appreciate receiving the calendar to reference school holiday dates, public holidays and special occasions. Calendar Magnets generally receive more eyeballs than standard magnets and having it stuck right on the fridge is something your customers will not forget.

A professionally designed magnet is unique and eye-catching. Your brand recall will skyrocket by the magnet being exposed every day of the year. Having a Calendar Magnet right on the fridge door is not only useful, it is a convenience your customers will genuinely appreciate.