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Fridge magnets have and always will be a common household item. Everybody who has a fridge or filing cabinet uses them whether they realise it or not. Fridge magnets are extremely useful for customers as the help them to organise important documents such as bills, invitations, reminders, to-do lists or simply photos and memories.

In fact, many customers will often buy fridge magnets as souvenirs when they go on holiday. That is simply how useful and important they are to people.

When this is considered, it is easy to see why you would want to use fridge magnets as a means of advertising your business. By putting your business, brand, company or message in consumer’s homes, you ensure that you are there for your customers and are there when they need your goods or services.

An even greater advantage is that fridge magnets are put on the fridge, one of the most prominent surfaces in one of the most traversed rooms in the home, the kitchen. The kitchen is visited at least twice a day by each member of a household and each of these includes multiple visits to the fridge. This is if they only go there for food.

This results hundreds of impressions every month, thousands of impressions every year for your business. Even better is that your advertising is not annoying or intrusive and is even helpful for your clients, meaning that it is welcome. Many consumers report holding onto a single fridge magnet for over five years, meaning that single fridge magnet has remained in prime advertising real estate for that whole time.

In addition, fridge magnets generally only cost cents per unit, not dollars. All that advertising potential for such a small price makes fridge magnets a seriously effective and reliable promotional product.

All the fridge magnets produced by Mister Magnets® use a strong commercial grade magnetic material with a thickness of 0.6mm. This ensures that they last and stick around for significantly longer than the ones made on the thin, weak 0.4mm stock that usually struggle to hold up even a single piece of paper and inevitably end up in the bin. They are also finished with a protective gloss cellosheen to keep them clean and looking great for years and years.

There are many kinds of fridge magnets available. The three major types refer to the way that the fridge magnets are cut.

Straight Edged Fridge Magnets are the most basic kind and have been around for years. Mister Magnets® have been producing these kinds of fridge magnets since the very start. Straight Edged Fridge Magnets are sometimes called Square Cut Fridge Magnets or Square Corner Fridge Magnets depending on the supplier. At Mister Magnets®, Straight Edged Fridge Magnets can generally be manufactured faster than other kinds of fridge magnets and generally have lower prices, perfect for if you need your fridge magnets fast or are on a tight budget. Most Straight Edge Fridge Magnet orders are able to be produced within 24 hours.

Rounded Corner Fridge Magnets are similar except that they of course have rounded corners. They are a very popular option for people ordering business card magnets or promotional magnets. Rounded Corner Fridge Magnets have a slightly more complex manufacturing process than Straight Edge Fridge Magnets, resulting in a slightly higher cost and longer turnaround times. Even so, they are still manufactured at industry fastest speeds, usually taking between 3 and 5 business days.

Custom Shaped Fridge Magnets make sure that your brand can leverage an attractive logo or design to stand out and be more eye-catching than any other magnets on a customer’s fridge. At Mister Magnets®, our manufacturing process allows us to manufacture any shape you want without having to pay for expensive and costly die setup fees. That’s right, Mister Magnets® die setup is free. We would never lock you into getting a standard or stock shape when you could have an awesome design for your fridge magnets already waiting to go. In other words, use the uniqueness of your brand or business in the design and overall shape of your fridge magnets.

Shaped fridge magnets are a little more expensive than other kinds of fridge magnets due to the complexity of their production, however they stand out more than other kinds of fridge magnets, resulting in a greater return on investment and ultimately more bang for your buck. Turnaround times for Custom Shaped Fridge Magnets are similar to Rounded Corner Fridge Magnets, about 3 to 5 business days.

Fridge magnets have many different styles, depending on what is printed on them. Many industries and business tend to lean towards using a particular style depending on the demands of their clients and their own tastes.

Calendar Magnets and Business Card Magnets are the most popular fridge magnet styles. They are often ordered by professionals such as accountants, real estate agencies, consultants and law firms. Important Number Magnets are also very popular among these industries.

If you need fridge magnets, Mister Magnets® are the experts. With over 20 years experience in the fridge magnet industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. If you are looking to start promoting your business, fridge magnets are perfect for sending a positive and lasting impression to your customers. If you need or would like any advice on how to make fridge magnets work for your business, please feel free to contact our marketing or design teams for advice. Alternatively, for more specific information, please browse through the many kinds of fridge magnets we have on offer.

Make your message stick with fridge magnets.

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