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Watch how all these small businesses have used fridge magnets to accelerate their growth and help spread their message.

"My first batch was probably 10 years ago and I went to a job and the old magnet was still up on their fridge. I can’t think of a better form of advertising for plumbers!"
Guy Boyd - Metro Plumbing

Video Transcription - Metro Plumbing

Guy Boyd - Metro Plumbing

What’s the main reason you use fridge magnets?
Definitely sales. Needs to be done, they ring me, it's urgent and the number's there and yeah, go and do the job, all good.

Why do you think magnets are better than business cards?
They're always on the fridge, the kitchen's the most used plumbing appliances in the house. Something happens, you just turn around to the fridge and you get the call, can't beat it.

Once they're there, they don't move. They hold up the invoices, the bills. Cards get lost, ripped up, torn.

How long have you been dealing with Mister Magnets?
Yeah, my first batch was probably, Jesus, 10 years ago. I went to a job and the old one's still up on the fridge, which was funny. There you go.

How do you distribute your fridge magnets?
We use those little clear holders. We fill them up and we go around to bakeries, Coles, where they've got the white boards and just leave them there. We go back the next week, they're all gone. Yeah, it's good.

How does your magnes compare with Yellow Pages?
It doesn't compare. The cost of the magnets compared to thousands of dollars in the Yellow Pages and you get lost like a needle in a haystack.

What other benefits do you get with your fridge magnets?
You're not looking for a card, you're not going for the phonebook, you're not getting lost with other tradies and they just ring the number.

How do you find Mister Magnets customer service?
When you ring up and you want your design updated or you want a design that you want, they're easy to deal with. The girls on the phone will email you back a proof, different shade of that or add in a web address. Then they'll do it again and then perfect, thumbs up.

Would you recommend Mister Magnets to other plumbers?
Absolutely. The magnet on the fridge and for plumbers with the odd dishwasher, your sink, your fridge it's got water, something goes wrong. I can't think of a plumber having a better form of advertising.

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