Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets

About our Business Card Magnets

Our Business Card Magnets are manufactured using commercial grade magnetic material ensuring they stick around year after year. The magnet is finished with a high gloss protective film that always keeps it looking brand new, enhancing it’s vibrant colours.

Business Card Magnets are a highly effective product that will ensure your customers will remember your brand and help generate repeat business. Our Business Card Magnets are extremely durable, staying in their original condition for years. They are used to stick important reminders to the fridge such as invitations, grocery lists and newsletters.

Business Card Magnets make it easy for your customers to find your number and call you to order your product or book one of your services. These magnets are very versatile in their ability to stick to anything with a metal surface, including refrigerators, filing cabinets, metal cupboards, whiteboards, steel shelving and even cash registers.

Business Card Magnets are the perfect solution in exposing your brand and accelerating your company’s growth strategy. Compared to any other promotional product, Business Card Magnets are a very low cost item, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

The major difference between regular paper business cards and Business Card Magnets is due to the fact that everyone keeps the magnetic version. Paper business cards go missing, get hidden in a drawer or a wallet and often get thrown in the rubbish. Your customers will always appreciate receiving a handy Business Card Magnet due to it’s usefulness in sticking things to the fridge.